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Introduction to HTML

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What are HTML: – Who invented HTML, how it works, answers to all such questions about HTML, and much other information you are going to find here today. Hope this information will work for you.

The full form of HTML is Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is a Markup Language that is used to define the structure of a web page. WWW HTML came into use a year after the invention of the(World Wide Web). And today it has been more than 30 years and during this time many versions of it have come and are being used even today. Almost all website pages ( Webpages ) are made up of HTML.

What is HTML (Wikipedia Link)

Markup Language used to prepare is used to structure Atharth structure of web pages and web application. in a page, Heading, Paragraph, Image, Links, Where to is determined by the HTML code itself.

Is HTML Programming a Language?

The debate has arisen many times over this question, but most people believe that it does not fall under the category of programming language. The reason behind this debate is that the way we are able to create dynamic functionality in any other programming language does not do with HTML. It is a mark-up language and cannot create logical programs.

What are tags in HTML?

HTML tags are a type of keyword that helps a web browser identify the content of a web page and display it in the correct format. When the web page reaches the browser, the browser scans it and with the help of these tags understands the content and renders it.

All HTML tags <> (brackets() are written inside, such as tags have three parts. Opening tag, Content, and Closing tag HTML also have some tags which do not have closing tags of different types. Different types of tags are used for content. Let us give you HTML tags some examples.

<h1> Heading </h1>
<p> Paragraph </p>
<b> Bold </b>
<i> Italic </i>
<u> Underline </u>
<ul> Unordered lists </ul>
<li> List Items </li>
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above shown Some examples of basic HTML tags, we have extended to teach HTML, The article is written in which you What is HTML – HTML can take more information about.

Basic Structure of HTML

As you now know that HTML is used in every web page, and everywhere the basic structure of its code is almost the same. It is very known about this before coding is important.

Each HTML document consists mainly of three parts:

<! DOCTYPE> DTD (Document Type Declaration)
<html> Main container
<head> Head section
<body> Body section 
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The structure of the entire page is as follows:

  1. DTD ( Document Type Declaration)
  2. Main container HTML element
  3. Head section: Main container

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