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Hello everyone,

I finally decided to introduce myself.

I am a very passionate web developer (duh xD).

I can do full stack, I have worked with php and js for a bit under a year now (just changed jobs and am super excited to start afresh 🤣).
Other than that I have like 1 year prior exp of self-teaching myself stuff/self-studying/digging in/ making mistakes/learning =).

Major frameworks I touched/can use to a certain degree are:

Bk-end: Node/Express ,Laravel, Symfony4;
Client-side: Angular8 and React;

I used UI frameworks too such as bootstrap, materialize, etc...

I am into mobile development too (tinkered a bit with Ionic at some point). After I have built some decent stuff in terms of web apps, I would like to move to native mobile and game dev.

I am also into 3d graphics (blender any1?) and animation software (only played with MMD as I am also a vocaloid and anime/manga fan 🤣🤣🤣).

Nice to meet you all, I ve been following DEV for almost a year now, so I figured I'd 'come in and say hi'.

Thanks for having me around =).

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