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How Do I Keep up with Scala and Java

steffenpedersen profile image Steffen Pedersen ・1 min read

For a long time I have been focused on front-end development. I follow a lot of high profile people on social media. I also read blogs and sometimes newsletters. My focus is slowly shifting from front-end to back-end development. At my job, we write a lot of Scala and Java. I really want to become better at these languages.

Do you know any high profile Scala or Java developers?
Can you recommend any good blogs on these languages?

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Steffen Pedersen


I'm a developer with a love for the open-source community πŸ’»


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Hi Steffen, a few notable Scala gurus you should follow on twitter, they link out to their stuff.

Rob Norris @tpolecat
Alvin Alexander @alvinalexander
FP for Mortals @fpmortals
John De Goes @jdegoes

Im also trying to write some blog posts on Scala but struggle to find the time! ahah. Here is one small one I have so far dev.to/darbyo/rock-paper-scissors-...


Thank you! I have pressed follow on Twitter and will now read your article πŸ˜‰