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Hi, nice idea !!!
I already made a post to have some feedback on my resume, but I put it here also 😃


Hi Estelle!

Nice colorful format! I would increase the font of the descriptions a point or two, it's quite small.

A few typos and corrections:

  • "carreer" -> "career"
  • "started to work here a year and a half etc" should be "I started to work there a year and a half ago doing integrations of mockups in HTML and CSS"
  • "GraphQL" instead "GraphQl"

Although the tour guide is a cool job I'm not sure it should have the same importance of everything else, after all you're trying to become a software developer. Hence, instead of four sections I would make three, the first one is your start up job, the second one your uni and the third one the certification. I'm all in favor of dropping work experience if it's not relevant for the position you're looking for.

Hope it make sense to you, if you still want to mention it, maybe rename the "Hobbies" section in "Passions", mention "Tour guiding" and that will make a nice conversation topic for an interviewer interested in the argument :)

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