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Discussion on: Salary Negotiation for People That Hate To Negotiate with Josh Puetz

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Mike Bybee • Edited

Keg and coffee are just ways to keep you in the office longer, as are stocked breakrooms, catered lunches, pinball/pool/foosball tables and arcade games, etc. Always greet such "perks" with skepticism, especially if you see few people leaving for lunch (I've seen way too many instances where it was creepily noted and held against people who were subsequently deemed "not a team player").

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💎Di Marie💎

100%! Mike, thanks for noting the “not a team player” part.

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Mike Bybee

FWIW any company that overly emphasizes that "team player" component is probably both dangerously overreaching into your personal life AND fostering a culture that encourages homogeny of thought (which is anathema to innovation).