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My first exposure to programming was during my junior year in high school. They were offering a "Computer Science" class and that sounded kind of interesting to me. We learned how to program on Macintosh computers using Apple Basic.

When it came time to pick a major in college about a year later, I couldn't think of anything except Computer Science. So I jumped in the CS water and almost immediately started to drown! And this was just "Computer Science I" learning Pascal.

I'd say by the end of that first semester I finally had my light-bulb moment (regarding specifically what, I can't remember). From that near-desperate moment on, I have been involved in programming for a living (after I got out of college, of course).

I got stuck in the dying world of X-Base programming right away (FoxPro) even though I was supposed to be a COBOL programmer. I'm kind of glad they had me learn FoxPro, but I definitely overstayed my welcome in that language. I've been pretty much a .NET developer for the last 10 years, fortunately!

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