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Discussion on: Top 5 DEV Comments from the Past Week

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Steven Sacks

Wow! This was unexpected. I didn’t have anything prepared. I guess I’d first like to thank for making a great website, Michael Hoffman for writing a great article for me to comment on, Peter Kim Frank and everyone at who voted for me... who am I forgetting.. oh yes! JetBrains for making Webstorm, Microsoft for making VSCode, the incredible work being done by the open source community writing extensions and improvements to each platform, the consortium for incrementally improving JavaScript, ah they’re playing me off, really quickly: npm, yarn, webpack, React, Vue, node.js, serverless, AWS, ok sorry if I forgot anyone, thank you again goodnight!

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Eric Bishard

Just sent this to your mom, she's gonna be pissed you didn't mention her.

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Peter Kim Frank Author

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