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Appreciate it for putting so much effort in looking into alternatives!!

Check it out Notebook from Zoho. It was pretty good. I don't think it supports Markdown yet.

I have used Evernote for years, then they introduced too many features which I don't really use it and limited the sync to 2 devices with free account. I did subscribe for premium account but I started looking for simpler solution with markdown support. I had minimal set of requirements,

  1. Simple to use,
  2. Access to read anywhere (Mobile/Web/PC),
  3. Access to write from any PC/Web.
  4. Markdown support

I was bit lazy to look for alternative apps, so I took much simpler solution. VSCode + Bitbucket private repository. I use VSCode + bunch of markdown support extensions and use 'git' terminal commands to commit & push. It's bit manual process of creating files, typing commands to commit, push. But over the process of doing it for last three months, I learnt a lot more about 'git'. I control the organization structure and I can go back to any versions since I started. I can access my notes from any machine. I did lose the ability to write from mobile devices to a certain extent(I can still open my repo from browser and edit), but it was never a requirement for me.

Thank you Ryan Palo, I haven't used VSCode Journal extension. I will give it a try.


I also spent a big amount of time on it, that is why I decided to share my vision about it. Git is also a good solution! Maybe there is some mobile application which allows you to sync and edit files on mobile?

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