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I have been planning to do "Zero" inbox but hesitating for a long time. I do read every email and making it a habit of having "Zero" unread mails. Just now archived all the mails, fingers crossed :D.

I know I'm not losing any mails, but I guess it feels bit uneasy since I have done it for the first time. I do have few rules setup to sort the new emails, and plan to add rules as new emails come in.

One question though is, Can we apply similar rules on the archived mails as well? Applying rules on archived emails to put them into separate folders.


It can feel uneasy in the beginning.

However, I never felt the need to categorise emails that went to the archive. When I need to find an old email, a keyword search is generally enough.

I also feel like having to put emails into separate folders adds more management burden; and the point of Inbox Zero (at least the way I practice it) is also to reduce the amount of work required to manage your inbox.

But as always, the extra steps in your workflow (e.g. adding automated classification rules) are up to you and whatever suits you best. :-)

I'm glad you made the leap to Inbox Zero, though! Hope it helps.

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