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Discussion on: Using Markdown for Notes

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Subbu Lakshmanan

I have been using markdown format for notes for about 2 years and I really love the simplicity of it. I didn't know about the front matter plugin, that looks really useful.

Great Series of posts!! Keep it coming!! I would love to see read more of your approach and see what I can pick from it.

For reference:

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Corey McCarty Author

Yaml front matter is something that is used by my static site generator. I've actually just created another snippet to quickly insert checkboxes. I don't know that Yaml front matter is a standard piece of markdown but it can be helpful. I usually just organize my markdown with headers. The outline pane in VSCode let's me see those headers nested like a table of contents, and the edotr will let me fold everything from a header until the next header that isn't a larger number than that one (i.e. Folding an h2 will fold everything between it and the next h2 or h1) .

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Steve Ziegler

Oh wow. Didn't realize VS outline does this!