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MES Domain

In the modern world where we are using different types of programming languages like Python, Java, etc but still we don't know many things like without much coding we can get IT Jobs with good package.

MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) domain is an example of such a domain. I am very fortunate to work with this domain from my starting of my career.

The limited number of associates working in this domain make it very easy for freshers to grow in this field. And if you have good programming knowledge the life will be much much easy.

The timeseries database is growing with time. Big companies has started using timeseries database for analysis and predicting future.

Image description

Amazon is one of the player in this game to provide the architecture to store data and analyze the data. Amazon Timestream is Fast, scalable, and serverless time-series database.

Other older players of this domain are OSISoft PI and Aspen IP.21.
As mostly many companies are using old applications. But the time is changing and we will see many new things in future.....

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