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re: So you have a job and you want to freelance? I'd not take the risks. You'll probably burnout and loose money. If you want to earn more, you can eit...

Thanks for the reply!

I'm aware of that risk of course, that's why I try to gather opinions about it.

The goal is indeed to earn more and asking for a promotion isn't an option. Finding a better job isn't that easy either.


I've done a bit of stuff like this, and yeah, pushing too hard is a huge risk.

Could you scale back your full-time job? Ask to be part-time?

Thanks for the reply, Ben!

Scaling back my full-time job is not an option, unfortunately.

In fact I'm mostly looking for a way to make money on my free time, that's why I thought about freelancing. The alternative would be to try to make money with my own side projects (eventually) but I believe they're not the right kind of projects for that.

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