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How to hire NodeJs developers (10 key questions for a job interview)

Hiring Node.js developers can be a hard task because there are a lot of solutions and frameworks in the market that allow us to write code in the back-end such as Sails, NestJS, Feather or Express. Save some time by asking the developer questions about all those frameworks’ base, like the next 10 key questions for a position as a Node.js developer:

  1. What is the event loop in Node.js?

  2. What are Streams?

  3. What is the purpose of “module.exports”?

  4. How can you configure properties for different environments (production, development, etc.)?

  5. How do you obtain the variables and property values passed through URL (GET method)?

  6. What is a middleware?

  7. What is an EventEmitter?

  8. What is package.json and what is it used for?

  9. When should we not use Node.js?

  10. What is the difference between blocking and nonblocking code?

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