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How to hire Angular developers (10 key questions for a job interview)

When you are going to hire Angular developers you should filter the candidates that know the Angular’s core concepts, in a beginning stage, and afterwards filter them through a technical exam, for instance, a project that helps us prove the candidate’s knowledge. Let’s see some fundamental interview questions for an Angular developer:

  1. What is a dependencies injection in Angular?

  2. What isAngular Ivy?

  3. What is service-side rendering? How is it possible to implement it in Angular?

  4. What are the lifecycle hooks and which are available?

  5. What are the types of directives in Angular?

  6. What are the observables and what can we do with them?

  7. What is defer change?

  8. What is a class decorator?

  9. What is binding?

  10. What is the purpose of @NgModule?

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