Top 5 Magento Extensions For Your eCommerce Store

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The online market has been expanding at a fast pace. The busy lifestyle demands the platform to access goods and services at their doorstep with the help of a smartphone, mobile application and the internet. This led to the emergence of eCommerce stores.

Ecommerce stores or electronic commerce stores as a business model is a retail store selling its product and transacting online via. Internet. It offers multiple benefits over the traditional style of shopping hence making it the optimal choice.

These eCommerce stores are based on Magento extensions. To start an online retailing for your business, a magneto development company is what you should seek. The developer will help you in scripting the magneto extensions depending on the nature of your business and its requirements.
What are Magento Extensions?
Magento extensions are the software that ensures flawless operation of eCommerce. Being an open-source platform, it allows anyone to edit the script for their usage without any restrictions or limitations imposed.
It is written in PHP, i.e. an open-source scripting language. The full form of PHP is “Hypertext Preprocessor”.
Magento Development Services
To start your eCommerce business, it will require you to avail Magento Development Services. There are various Magento services available in the market; however, a selective approach is needed to identify what will suit best for your requirements.

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Top Magento Services
Before you opt for any particular service, proper research is required. Amongst many Magento extension software available in the market it might become quite confusing for you to select anyone. To make the task easier for you, we have shortlisted the top Magento extensions in the article.

The best Magento extensions with a short briefing on what they offer have been listed below. We advise you to refer these to obtain maximum benefits of the extensions.

Sweet Tooth Loyalty Programs: It allows you to develop your loyalty programs as you desire. This program provides you with the benefit of incorporating a basic program or a customized one, whichever suits the best to your business.

It helps in attracting new customers, enhancing relationships with the existing customers and also to encourage them to raise their spendings. This platform is best suited for small and medium scale eCommerce stores.

WordPress Integration by FishPig: Integrate the WordPress blog to the store conveniently with the help of this extension. It is compatible with almost all types of Magento extension and hence making it a suitable choice.

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No modification of the Magento or WordPress file is required while working with this extension, making it easy to use. It offers easy connectivity of WordPress with Magento.

Yotpo: Yotpo encourages the customers to leave their valuable feedback hence encouraging the value of feedback. Feedbacks and reviews make an important part of your business, and they provide assurance of the authenticity of the products and the quality that you are selling.

This extension displays the reviews in an organized and appealing arrangement making it visually attractive and soothing on the website as well as the social media and networking platforms.

One page checkout: Provide easy checkout facility to your customers with the help of this Magento extension. With the help of one-page checkout, get rid of the long and lengthy checking out processes as this makes it simpler and provides a one-page solution when it is about the climax of the purchase, i.e. the checkout.

Dotmailer: With the help of this extension, achieve a user-friendly and multi-channel marketing platform. It also helps in syncing the essential data related to the visitors and the customers, including their research and buying behaviour. Provide customers with relevant information and influence their shopping experience with the help of this extension.


After reviewing the article, you must have got a clear picture of the eCommerce platform, Magento extensions and the role that these extensions play to enhance the functioning of your online retail store.

You can incorporate these functions in your online retail store and flourish your electronic business. Hence it is important to approach the right Magento Development Company that will be the ladder to your success.

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