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Hi, I'm Sven. I'm from Tallinn, Estonia. Been developing web and software since the nineties, well over 20 years by now. I've been working at Fortune500 companies as an engineer as well as manager and also in smaller software companies. I've run my own business, too.
Last ~6 years I've been active in several startups. Currently I'm the Chief Engineer at, a #proptech company. I'm also CTO of, a startup foundry.
I share my time between work, my family and friends and my hobby - singing in heavy metal band HERALD.


Hi Sven! Welcome to DEV :) heavy metal band - interesting! How did you get involved with that?


Thanks for asking. In fact I've been doing music longer than coding. I co-founded my first punkrock band at highschool in 1991😎 And I created my first programs at highschool in 1992 or 1993 I guess. But I've been singing at choirs etc since 1982-83. Right now I don't sing at any choir any more but just in the band. 🤘😎🤘

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