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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. πŸ‘‹

Great to have you in the community!


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πŸ‘‹ Hi DEV! I'm Mariz and I'm a Junior Software Engineer (mostly dealing with C++ and C#). I initially studied Computer Science with a dream to work on space rockets πŸš€ But I have long since adjusted my goals to:
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» become a full stack developer,
πŸ‘ be a more active contributor to the open source community, and
⚑ pioneer... something.

Random fact about me: My MBTI is ISTP!

I hope you all have a great day and maybe you could share random facts about yourself to start it off~


If you are a beginner in programming world and want to learn programming fast. So I suggest you a website which have projects with source code and you can use those projects and practice those projects Projects With Source Code


Thanks for this info. Checking it now...


Just finished checking. They are all php projects. Do you know any similar site with Rails or React JS projects?


Just what i needed. #php. Thanks


This is really helpful sir. Thank you So much.



Thanks for that tip. I will look at it later tonight once I'm home.



Random fact about myself is that I have this weird mark on my left hand that looks like a bruise. Most of the people I've shown it to have said that it's a birthmark, but neither my parents nor my grandmother remembers seeing it when I was younger. And if anyone is curious, no, it does not and had never hurt.


Hi Rania. Sounds like natural pigmentation. Some cells change color as we grow older. I am not a doctor but I have seen this a few times with a number of people, and they have told me that story. Hope that helps!


I have a similar mark in my πŸ‘€. People think it's an injury but my story is similar to yours. It wasn't there when I was a kid and no it does not and has never hurt πŸ˜„

Hi A.S. My name is "QD" & I am new to the coding world.


Thanks for sharing that Rania~ I wonder what that is, my guess would be a late birthmark πŸ€” but it's definitely a cool thing to add on your uniqueness _^


Thank you Thomas! Good luck as well as you graduate and venture out in the real world! If you have project ideas regarding C++ and Python, hit me up if you want a collaborator~


I am a new student to the coding world. Is "React" similar to python? Could you explain how python work, like its purpose & all?




Thank you. Good Luck to you as well.


Nice to meet you Revati. If you have any project ideas for Java, you can message me if you want someone to work with~


Hi gmlunesa I wish you will be reach all of your goals very soon!


Nice to meet you too Manny! I read that you're studying Software Engineering, how do you find it so far?


You're such an ambitious guy! Go for it


Welcome home dude!! Passion will take you to infinity and beyond !!


Thank you BlackSlash 😊


Welcome to the community, I am a noob as well.


Hi πŸ‘‹ good luck for your goals!



I am new to the coding world. What is "MBTI & ISTP?" Also, what is the difference between CSS and C++? I am sooooo confused...



C++ is high level object oriented programming language that is used to build desktop and games and other applications for hardware and embedded systems. While CSS Stands for Cascading Style Sheet which is a language for designing the appearance and interface for websites.


MBTI is the Myers-Briggs personality type and ISTP is just one of the 16+ results. You can look into it more here: myersbriggs.org/my-mbti-personalit...


πŸ‘‹ Hello! My name is Genesis and I am currently working as a Computer πŸ’» Programmer. I use the .NET framework with C# and some of the front end languages. I want to be more involved in a group of like-minded individuals that also understand my work. Also, learning new things from other peoples experiences!


C# is one of my favorite programming languages. I do not get to work in it much any more, but I do hope it has continued to improve and expand to incorporate new ideas in our field. Have you used many other languages and how do you think it compares?

Cheers 🍻,


Welcome to DEV Genesis! This is a great community to be apart of :) What's something new you're looking to learn?


A little more about UX, how people learn and work. Plus even if I read something that is not related to the languages I currently use it's still some awesome knowledge πŸ˜„.


πŸ‘‹ Hello!

Glad to see I'm not alone with .NET development.
Sometimes it can get a lot of hate from the community, but I'm glad to see that changing slowly.

Happy you're here!


Heh, indeed I have noticed that .NET doesn't have the sexiest reputation in the opensource community. But actually the developer experience is quite nice with the latest components (WebAPI2 with Swagger etc.)


I need to learn more C#. Any good resources you know?


Hello Genesis! First off the bat - Cool name! :) C# is fun, hope you're enjoying your current work.


πŸ‘‹Hi DEV! I am Arpit and I am a Full Stack Software Developer at IBM. I develop and design for Ed-Tech, Social Good, Psychology, Intuitive UX and UI.

You can find out about me at arpitjainds.github.io/

I love to develop beautiful and clean User Interfaces. I came here to exchange thoughts and share ideas with this amazing community.


Welcome to Dev Arpit! It'll be great to hear what you have to say about clean UIs :) (something that I think a lot of us forget while doing the nitty gritty programming work :) )


Yeah. I'll contribute real soon!


Hi Arpit, your website is awesome!


The nav in your portfolio is great but the way - the animation and the perspective you get on the snapshot are both really cool! Nice work πŸ‘


Thanks Sam! Glad you noticed. :)


Hi Dev 😊
This is Tamim. I am a Trademark Attorney. I hate my profession 😫, and I am in ❀️ with Web Development Frontend & Backend.
I am good in HTML, CSS, JS & PHP and use Laravel .. it's one of the most powerful and enjoyable PHP frameworks out there.
Now am learning MERN stack and it is just WOW! 😍

Web Dev is my hoppy .. however, I am learning a lot passionatly to become a Professional Full Stack Web Developer; so I can change my career and my life.
Although I have a lot of obstacles for I'm living in Syria .. where many services like MongoDB & Firebase for example are banned due to the US Sanctions against my country. πŸ˜”

But I will keep learning and trying (Thnx to VPN) .. and would like to communicate with u guys and wish u all the best πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜Šβ€οΈ


Hello Tamim,
Welcome! I'm also aspiring to become a MERN developer too! It's such a shame that MongoDB is banned in Syria due to US sanctions. I hope you find a way to overcome all these obstacles and difficulties.

Good luck in your journey.


Hello Tamin,

Welcome into the community.
I already learn something thanks to you.
I did not know the MERN stack.

Thank you ! I hope you will achieve your goal to be Full stack web dev


Hey Tamim! Great to have you in the community.
I bet your legal background will prove very useful for you along the way, considering all the licensing issues in the open source software world


Hi DEV! I'm Steff and I'm here with the purpose of learning from the community and give back when I have the knowledge to.

My goal right now is to learn everything about how web and mobile applications are done from start to finish c:


Hi Steff! What languages do you like programming in? Are you interested in native mobile dev, or something like React Native or ionic?


Hi All,

Hope you doing great, I am Software Engineer (Javascript) with 10+ years plus experience.

Started my career as PHP as you all I believe ;) and now playing around with all javascript frameworks.


Awesome, welcome to DEV Abdul! Yes, a lot of webdevs got their start with PHP :) What JS frameworks are most interesting to you right now?


Started as Backbone JS developer when Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Disappears and then switched to angular 2+ when google announce typescript support, and now playing with Angular 8+ and React & React Native.

Created a lovely writereader.com kids teaching tool in polymer Google web component library.


Hi Abdul! I can relate to that, I followed the same path as you. PHP is great for starting development :)

Good luck and welcome on DEV :)


Yes, PHP is damn easy language to start your career. At that time I have two option either to start with PHP or ASP.

I started PHP because of XAMPP One tool for everything to start with no additional step, configuration. ASP was a bit harder to configure as starter.

But in 2009 I switch to ASP.NET when Scott Guthrie announce ASP.NET and web service support [WebMethod] :).

YES!! XAMPP!! Oh man the good old times!
I've moved on Linux since then (I remember spending all my days trying to install Debian, configuring the network, the sound, starting to feel discouraged and reinstalling Windows after a whole weekend with no computer!).

I went on the Java, then the Python way myself. I think the key element is to be happy (and efficient) with the programming language we use everyday :)


Hi, DEV!

I'm Cathy, and I'm a Senior Software Developer.

The last few years, I've been a Full Stack Developer. Recently, I've been focusing more on expanding my AWS knowledge.

My personal goals are to become a more active contributor to open source and to get some of the side project ideas I have off the ground!
I am excited to learn a lot from this community!


I've contributed once to open source...

To fix a typo in the documentation 🀣

Every little helps I suppose!

Any open source projects you're planning on focusing on specifically Cathy?


Sounds fun! Open source is definitely something I enjoy, and I think it's great that you'd like to become more active with it.


Hi, Cathy! OSS is cool, so join it and help to improve even more :) !


Welcome to DEV, AWS is always fun to learn about, I recently followed a blog called "Last week in AWS" it is a great resource to keep up with the ever changing AWS offerings.


Hi Cathy, that's a pretty cool goal! Good luck.

Don't know where I'd be without open source and node modules that other people wrote! πŸ€”


Hi DEV!πŸ‘‹ I'm Nelwin, One of the Android Dev in ZyberPH who finds joy in developing android apps and designing user interface. I already published my first application OpenVPN Configurer on Google Playstore with over 10k downloads. Unfortunately i lost my keystore and having a problem updating my app😒.

I'm good in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and fell in πŸ’– with VUE JS while exploring, and brought me hereπŸ˜ƒ.

Hoping to become a Professional Full Stack Web Developer, Android Developer and contribute to the open source community😊.

I hope you all have a nice day and looking forward to meet some new friends😊.
Happy Coding EveryoneπŸ˜ƒ


Happy Coding, Nelwin. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»


Hey guys! I'm a developer. I like biscuits. I work.


Sweet biscuits (like cookies?) or southern biscuits like this?

Both are valid choices, but I love the latter!


I much rather prefer cookies solely for the fact that those delicious looking treats are not yet available in my region, however we have something very unique that you may like to check.


Biscuits are amazing - and cover a very specific type of sweet treat here in the UK.


Oh, no way! I like biscuits too!


Hi I'm Kevin - I've been around IT for ages in the database world. Currently I am working with my son to build an β€˜offline first’ app to help him in his career in the film world. I still love the β€˜Oh I created that’ moment after designing, writing and running code as the outcome pops up on the screen - which now could be on my phone! Done a lot of Oracle and Python, Java etc in the past. I play Ukulele in my local Uke orchestra. I live in the Yorkshire Dales which is a beautiful part of Northern England.


Hello. I am a french web developper, long time reader on dev.to. I created an account because I am planning to make a post about a very specific problem that a lot of people have using Gitlab continuous Integration. After some tinkering I found a solution so I want to publish it on dev.to and share it to people that have the same problem (they are many according to unresolved questions posted on gitlab's forum). Have a nice day !


Awesome, glad you finally decided to join! Have a nice day too :)


Hello DEV Community!! I am Paulo and I am a Business Analyst on IT teams. I do not work with actual code, I help developers by providing them business requirements.

I have a Quantitative Finance background (some C++,Python and R projects) but I am now fully following a Full Stack Knowledge path so that:

  1. I learn more and more :D
  2. Maybe put up my own business
  3. Be versatile in different areas.

Looking forward for your guidance and support throughout this journey. Feel free to contact me, you can get my details at GitHub PABCon


Welcome to DEV! This is a great place to learn more about technical things, even if you're not an actual coder yourself. And who knows! Maybe you'll pick some up along the way :)


Thank you Chris! I am not a coder yet :) working to get there.


Hi Community, I'm Matthew and I am a software engineering student that uses mainly Python. I do web applications using Flask and MongoDB and I would like to improve my knowledge Python by mastering Flask and learning Django and databases in detail. Am also interested in Blockchain frameworks and cloud computing in the long term.

Thanks ✊🏾

Funfact: I love sports,business and pyschology too


Hi Matthew! What's your favorite psychology fact? :)


Hi DEVs,

My name is Jimmy and I use Afroshok is my vehicle for as a multi-faceted designer, developer and technology consultant. I work out of Nairobi in Kenya.

I have over 16 years of experience in web development, mobile applications and gaming. I started in graphic design before Adobe was on Windows, and now also do specifically infographics in print and web as well as motion graphics for broadcast and Web.

My stack is React on Django inside Docker. Now that confidence to code is at an all time high, I want to contribute more to the Open Source community.


Awesome! Are you going to take part in Hacktoberfest?



I should. Let me settle in to the project I am on. We are using a open source repo so I see myself getting paid and participating in the Hacktoberfest. πŸ˜„


Hey DEV! πŸ‘‹ I'm Ninja and I'm a QA Lead in #GameDev. I consider myself an aspiring expert in the field of manual test strategies for #VideoGames. I'm a hobby coder trying to get better. I've googled my way into fluency in several different languages: C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, & Python.

As a hobby coder, my coding network is relatively small. So I've been looking to branch out and make new connections and friends that are as passionate about coding as I am.

Additionally, most of my projects so far have been small, personal, and private. I'm at a point where I'd love to get more involved with a community, bring my coding skills up a couple of levels, and develop something fun that might get interacted with by someone who isn't me.

Peace, Love, and Source Code ❀️


Welcome to DEV Ninja! This is a great place to get connected with other coders - welcome :) Also:

googled my way into fluency

is awesome! If you can learn on your own with just the Internet - then nothing is beyond your reach - It's a great skill to learn and perfect :)


Thanks for the warm welcome! I look forward to making some new connections and learning a thing or two during my time here!


That's some serious passion, that's a lot of languages! Keep it up πŸ˜„


Hi everyone,
Hope everyone is doing great!
It's Deeksha Sharma, I am a software engineer and life long learner. Currently investing my time in learning creative skills to make technology learning easy. This is something I never learned in my grad school or the companies I worked with.

I also draw illustrations in free time:


Hi, I'm Sven. I'm from Tallinn, Estonia. Been developing web and software since the nineties, well over 20 years by now. I've been working at Fortune500 companies as an engineer as well as manager and also in smaller software companies. I've run my own business, too.
Last ~6 years I've been active in several startups. Currently I'm the Chief Engineer at InvestReal.com, a #proptech company. I'm also CTO of Prototypely.com, a startup foundry.
I share my time between work, my family and friends and my hobby - singing in heavy metal band HERALD.


Hi Sven! Welcome to DEV :) heavy metal band - interesting! How did you get involved with that?


Thanks for asking. In fact I've been doing music longer than coding. I co-founded my first punkrock band at highschool in 1991😎 And I created my first programs at highschool in 1992 or 1993 I guess. But I've been singing at choirs etc since 1982-83. Right now I don't sing at any choir any more but just in the band. 🀘😎🀘


Hey, DEV! I came here from the Hactokberfest post.


Hacktoberfest! Welcome to DEV Jason :)


I am currently a CS student in my 3rd year and currently trying to get my hand on web apps with laravel and vue.js
Although things have not been as straight as I thought would be.
But hoping for getting stuff together qyickly 😊


Hello DEV!

joined a bit earlier, but finally posting...

I'm Caroline/c-line/Knilly, whatever.

Senior Software Engineer here, working for BuzzFeed Tech. Here to absorb what ya'll have to say. Maybe I'll post eventually. I sometimes try to stream on twitch, and I'm an avid TTRPG player (primarily D&D 5e). Fun Fact, my first adventure will be published as part of the Uncaged Anthology, Vol. 4 later this year.

Also, joiend to start our BF Tech presence here on dev.to -- be sure to give it a follow ;) dev.to/buzzfeedtech


Hey welcome. Nice to see a fellow DnD player too πŸ˜„


Sup, I'm Ahmad, I'm a Junior Software Engineer, I know a somewhat decent amount of languages at least at a beginner level, and well my main one is Java, specifically like Spring Boot as a framework. I studied Software Engineer (institute) and am validating it with a university now (with a formal Systems Engineer bachelor title), still got a bit over 2 years to go. I just started working at a Fintech startup as a support software developer (I help on multiple areas on small projects).

Hope to get good enough to be able to get a job in Japan one day.


Hi Ahmad! Living and working in Japan is an awesome goal. What gravitates you to Japan? Is it their culture or their technological advances?


I love niche stuff, also sweets, plus I like the asian more "do your work" kind of thing, and I know already several friends that live there


Hi DEV! I'm Jay, a french-speaking canadian from Montreal. I work mostly in python, but I'm still in High School. I plan on studying to become a software engineer and I'm a huge open source enthusiast.

I discovered DEV from the Hacktoberfest and I'm looking forward to learn more about this amazing community!

Have a great day!


Welcome to DEV Jay! Great to see that you're so involved and just in high school. Have a good Hacktoberfest!


Hi, My name is David. I've been following the blog for several days and I finally decided that I need to join the community. I'm a SysAdmin and Devops Engineer working renewable energies, mostly wind power. I'm based in Madrid, SPAIN. Enjoying to work with groovy and jenkins daily and happy to be here to meet and also maybe help others. :D


Welcome to DEV David! I have used jenkins in the past, but was never very good at it... do you have any resources that you like for learning it better? Thanks!


Hi Chris, for sure i'd recommend learning groovy.

Actually there are not many resources to learn, besides the official documentation. jenkins.io/doc/book/pipeline/share...

I started on from there, what I did was creating a parser in groovy to pop out the VMs I was automating from a YML config file.

Let me know if you're curious about something and maybe I can give some advice.

Edit: This post is also quite good and extends over basics.


Hey πŸ‘‹

Nice, thread 42! That's a good number to make an introduction :D

I'm Cyril, a web developer.
I've built and sold a few services including VoilaNorbert, Transferslot and Selldom.

I'm currently working heavily on

Happy to chat if you have any questions :)


Hello everyone,
I have recently started my journey as a programmer working on various projects mostly using Python and Java. I am still working towards my degree in Computer Science but I am very excited to be apart of this open source community and continue to enhance my skills as a developer. I am also interested in game development and have played around with tools such as Unity and Blender but I would like to learn new things about other peoples experience.


Welcome to DEV Noah! What types of games are you interested in making?


Hello Dev,
This is Harshith, 3rd year CSE (Integrated BTech+Mtech)student at JNTUHCEH, Hyderabad.
In search of Hacktoberfest event, I landed in this community. I love the concept of open source contribution. I dream of participating in Google Summer of code 2020-and eager to connect to people who could guide me in my journey and also accompany me in peer learning.


Welcome to DEV! Hacktoberfest should be fun :)


Hello DEV Community!
This is Aman, pursuing computer engineering in Junior year. A developer who is in love with python and good with web development.

Random fact about me : Initially at the age of 11 yrs, I wanted to be a HTML developer then after some years I realized HTML is not a programming language (awkward silence)-my whole life was a lie...

Now actively working with Python and Web technologies and crazy about competitive programming, data structures and algorithms.


Welcome to DEV Aman! Good luck with the rest of your education :)


Hi!, new guy over here. My name is Fidel and I'm a Chemical Engineer and self-taught programmer.

Right now working on my webdev skills, looking forward to participate here with you all and keep learning.


Welcome to DEV Fidel! Are you looking to use webdev skills as part of your chemical engineering?, or are you looking to switch careers?


Ideally, I would love to work developing apps (web/mobile/desktop) related with chemical engineering or engineering in general.

I have 8 years of experience working as a field engineer in the oil industry, my main focus is to distance myself from that industry for ethical reasons, I believe we should do everything we can to lower our dependency on fossils fuel.

I also always felt a high interest in software development, so if I ended up working for a couple of years as a web developer I will feel very good because that would be a great learning opportunity.

In the end, I believe that the most probable and interesting path for me to take is to work as a developer for some time, improve my skills and then find a way to blend chemical engineering and software development.

Thanks for asking.

Yeah, that sounds like a great plan - since you have so much experience in one field, it would be awesome to apply that in your software development career too!


Hi DEV Community!

I am Greg, and I am a Software Developer fooling around with Java and JavaScript (React ❀️)

I am based in Europe (been around Poland and Switzerland) and enjoy working on side projects, with my recent dedicated developer job board: swissdevjobs.ch/ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­

In the free time I love playing football (soccer as some say) and eating cupcakes 🍰

All the best!


Welcome to DEV Greg! What's your favorite type of cupcake? :)


Hello dev! I'm gidmak, I have some experience with Dotnet but I'm currently learning and working with php mostly. I have a degree in computer science. I look forward to learning from and contributing to the open source community.

Fun fact about myself...I don't know this but I will learn it and I will do it.

Hope y'all have a great day


Hi Gideon - welcome! I love the attitude that you'll figure it out and learn it :)


Hi Chris. Thank you for your kind words. Looking forward to learning from you and other experts here and contributing as well