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Discussion on: The First 10 macOS Apps I Install in 2019

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Pavel Svitek

Consider switching Chrome for Brave browser (

I'm using it on my work machine for ±2 years now. All Chrome extensions works smoothly.

Two main added benefits:
a) trackers, 3rd party cookies, fingerprinting blocked automatically ;-)
b) help support Web3 to disrupt the monopoly of Facebook and Google Ads

Brave is growing exponentially. From 4 million monthly active last year, to 8 million this year :-)

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John Papa Author

Brave is cool, indeed

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Samuele Zanca

A few months ago I swapped to firefox after using chrome for so long. I've looked at brave, but from what I can surmise is it's just a chromium browser with built-in security. I tend to stay away from chromium browesers after having tried a fair few of them (chrome, torch, comodo dragon to name a few) I prefer the customization of firefox, its speed and dev tools.

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

I’ve been using Brave for a few years on mobile now and on Desktop since it became Chromium based.

Having said that, Since Edge moved to Chromium, I gave it a test drive for the past month. It worked pretty much as I expected it would on Desktop. I’m still using it on Desktop for the moment, but back on Brave on mobile.

I wrote up a review for those interested.