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thanks giorgos!

no, "known known" is on purpose.

i dont agree with your point here. the point is that you can achieve consistent components through other means, and you should push styles down to the html element as far as possible. @apply isn't meant to be used extensively, according to Adam. in short, yes, we do want to add styles in HTML, that is what is so hard to accept because it goes against conventional wisdom.

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Giorgos Kontopoulos 👀 • Edited on

Yes those are some nice TIPS from Adam in the video you linked to, and yes he does mention not overusing @apply (which I was not aware about) but that is a general statement and a recommendation but I still think it is actually to performance's benefit to use it as much as possible.

I don't like the idea of a component that is full of tailwind classes cluttering HTML and making it heavy in size. I would create custom app classes (using @apply) and add those classes as class values inside my component instead in order to create lighter HTML files.

Imagine a component that gets created 100 times in a loop with tailwind classes taking most of the HTML space. I would naturally want to use @apply to reduce html size and css size would not increase proportionately I believe (might be wrong).

I might be going against the flow or some might say misusing tailwind here but I think we ought to ourselves and the community at large to make our systems as performant as possible when we can.

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Meghan (she/her)

goes against conventional wisdom

it goes against the fundamental structure of the web. html for layout, css for style, js for interactivity. if you wanna do it a different way, then web might not be for you.