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Hi everybody. I am syed meesam ali. I'm professionally a civil engineer but was always interested in programming and started with Visual Basic to program a simple structural system (civil engineering related). I developed more interest in programming when i started using VBA in Excel to automate various tasks and found out that almost anything can be automated with programming. Used MATLAB sometime to also program basic stuff related to engineering. Recently I developed deeper interest for Python due to my interest in big data analysis as well as AI. I have taken many courses from edX and still continuing my learning primary from edx as well as some UDEMY courses. Currently devoting myself to learn in-depth JavaScript as a front-end developer as well as enhance my Python knowledge and looking forward for ways to bring my multiple interests into something composite.

Programming literacy I strongly believe is a super must for future learning in any field. I also am currently teaching VBA for Excel to some students and in future want to develop courses in programming to teach in the most simplest ways.

I am trying to maintain my own Excel advanced page on facebook at: facebook.com/exceladvanced/

I want to be more active in programming and really would love to be part of any active community where people encourage and help each other reaching higher levels of experience and understanding.

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