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Discussion on: Ten Tips for How YOU Can Make Your Workplace Friendlier for Women

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SyntaxSeed (Sherri W)

Bonus tip:
Don't roll your eyes or crack jokes if a female colleague has to arrive late or leave early to drop off or pickup kids at school "Leaving early Judy? Must be nice! Har har!". No.

She has no choice because she's usually the primary parent.

Double Bonus: If you're a dad, you be the one to leave early & get the kids. Are you a manager - let your dad employees know that they CAN have flex time for parenting responsibilities.

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Anna J McDougall Author

Great point, especially since so many junior colleagues are likely to be in their early 20s and not have kids, so they don't get it. Picking up kids is not a luxury, it's part of being a responsible adult.