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Hey Leo,

Thanks for the great article! I 100% agree with you. In my experience, the "Imposter syndrome" is a common manifestation among anybody that's taking their profession/study seriously.

It makes sense in some weird way :D Say you know very little about a topic, and you're likely unaware of everything else you don't know. So maybe you think you know 70-80% of what's to know. There's not much left for you to know - ergo, you're a self-proclaimed master :D

Conversely, if you have some knowledge about the topic, you're probably aware that's only a drop in the bucket, compared to all there is to know. As a consequence, you wrongly think you suck at it. It's all relative :D

Dunning-Kruger effect is some very fascinating stuff IMO :)

Cheers mate and thanks again,

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