Avoid Burnout By Learning New Things

Ryland G on June 10, 2019

Improving By Learning When taking an objective approach to improving yourself, you should strive to improve in ways you currently can't ... [Read Full]
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Great article! You can also burnout on learning or trying to learn too many things. Like anything, doing so in moderation is the best.

A couple of other things that have helped me beat burnout are

  1. Always stopping work at a regular time. This is particularly important for remote workers where home and work aren't necessarily segmented by actual workspace. Even if you go back to working later in the evening, STOP at a regular time and take that break. Make or grab some dinner, play a game for a bit, etc.
  2. Have a regular activity or hobby that isn't necessarily learning, isn't work, and is just good fun. For me, it is video games and board games with a group of friend (some of which are actually co-workers in my case) or family.
  1. Definitely agree. Pressure to continue working is a problem for almost everyone and even if your goal is getting more work done, it's not the best choice. Having a balance is the ultimate way to maintain your health, regardless of occupation.

  2. Agree but it's honestly really hard for me these days. I feel like I get into a mode and it's very hard to enjoy "non-productive" things, especially after an intense work day.

Awesome response btw.


I wonder is it possible that we keep on creating and creating with no outcome and get burned out? I mean it's possible that we create but others may not consume or it just gets wasted and we get into another burn out of depression?


I think it is, and to me expectations matter. If we expected people to use/consume our creation but no one does, then there will be burnout. If we purely expected self-satisfaction from our creation, not from others, soon there will be burnout as well since self-satisfaction can't and won't always come constantly. It is tricky, but taking it slow as others have mentioned can help avoiding burnout, but in my case it's taking it slow on my expectations.


I think it's less about creating and more about why you're creating.


I was once obsessed with the Wikipedia random article feature. I even ended up making a web app called Wikifeedia based on that. Do check it out if you folks love the random article feature as well :)


I totally agree with you, routine makes everything so boring, it's normal our brain gets tired of it. Repetition is for computers, new things are for us.

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