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Discussion on: How I Started Existing on the Internet

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Ryland G Author

Great question. I might write another post about it.

The basics. Most people start writing a post by sitting down at the computer and typing out paragraph 1 and then 2 etc. Obviously it’s possible to do it this way, but what often happens is that without planning, halfway through you realize something isn’t going to work. Maybe the paragraphs don’t flow as well as you like.

In my experience, this uncertainty is actually a big time waster. To solve this, I start every post just by putting the titles of the sections. That way I no longer start from top to bottom and figure it out as I go, but instead sort of “connect the dots” between sections.

Depending on the size of the post, I sometimes even put a few high level bullet points in each section. When it comes time to write that section, I simply turn each bullet point into a stand-alone paragraph.

I hope that answered, if not please tell me. Glad you liked the article, thanks for asking a great question too!