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Creating A Full Stack Social Media Platform (part 1)


After creating a blockchain from scratch, I thought that I'd kick it up a notch and make my very own social media network.

This was going to require a lot more time and effort and a ton more coding. So with coffee in hand, some rusty python skills, and years of social media use under my belt, I was ready to begin.

Alt Text

Soo many tutorials later, I had a good idea of what I needed to do and it seemed surprisingly simple. I found this video by particularly useful.

Required Installations

First, I checked the version of python on my computer
python3 --version then installed a few packages using pip:

  • I had to install a virtual environment to keep track of packages

Alt Text

  • then started it up. virtual --python=python3.94 myenv
    Alt Text

  • Saved the packages to the virtual environment
    source myenv/bin/activate
    Alt Text

  • once inside myenv, I installed flask.
    pip install flask

Alt Text

Pretty straightforward. Now it was time to write some code, but it will have to wait until the next installment #irl. Happy Coding!

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