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AWS browser extension tsmash

I'm a big fan of using the AWS extend switch roles extension which allows you to easily switch AWS roles when using the management console in your browser.

I was using the console the other day to cleanup some old buckets, dynamo tables etc in a test account that I use for proving some CDK deployments and really disliked having to enter in the varying words "delete", "delete me" or the bucket name every figured I'd make an extension.

What is it?

tsmash is a firefox and chrome extension that simply looks for delete buttons in the console and when you click the button it looks for the input box and what text to enter. Once found it populates the input box. Done. Nice and simple.

It is opensource, it is on github, you can go through the code and see whats happening, feel free contribute.

Browser extension store

I have added the extension to the firefox and chrome extension stores so you can just go ahead and search for it. Both firefox and chrome have reviewed and approved the release.

Woah, but isn't this a bad idea

I'm not saying this is for everyone, people might be thinking, I like entering the text, it's not that bad and I like the added protection. It's totally up to you, I have added a small configuration option to add accounts where you don't want this to run. So, if you want to keep the default of entering the text manually it will bypass the script for specific accounts.

More details

I have done a full write up on my blog if you want more info about this one. I am keen to hear if this has been useful or any changes you might like.


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