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King Of The Street: Drag racing game

We recently launched our new drag racing game "King Of The Street" on Android and Apple.
Google play:
App Store:
I would like to ask you for an opinion about the game because we are constantly trying to improve it and bring new features.
What can be found in the game:
· Career with over 60 races and 5 teams
· 30+ unique cars
· 4 separate tracks with different surfaces
· Over 200 tuning parts (Engine / Gearbox / Tires / NOS / Chassis / Suspension / Auxiliary)
· Gasoline or diesel engines with the possibility of attaching a turbine or a supercharger
· Possibility to make a 4x4 car and change the differential and gearbox
· Consumption-based petrol simulation system that increases with the power of the car
· Cloud backup with support on both mobile platforms (email account once created keeps all data between the two platforms (Android and iOS)
· Multiple game interfaces (Button or slider for acceleration, the ability to turn off ESP)
· Many others that you can discover in the game.

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