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How do you stick to your routine?

Quarantine life means that every day can start feeling samey, but at least for me this means more trouble sticking to a routine and getting stuff done.

How do you make sure you stick to your a routine?

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Wayne Smallman

I alternate between home and office, and maintain a routine regardless of where I am.

I walk each lunch time, and use that time to think, but that could be about anything.

I don't listen much to TV and I have zero time for the radio, so those aren't a source of distraction.

In the end, it's a question of cultivating the discipline, and keeping things varied.

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Tashinga Author

Mhhh I may just try sticking to a routine i.e going for walks at the same time like you for a week and see how it goes 🤔 thank you!

I find that my brain rejects any sort of monotony/ routine because of the samey-ness of it all but I suppose you're right; discipline is about consistency and I just need to be create an environment and where I can train myself to train myself and my brain.