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Tommy Byrd
Tommy Byrd

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Do you have a "home lab" for local development and/or tinkering? If so, what resources helped you get it set up and running?

I'll start: I have a desktop PC I built ~5 years ago, but is now mostly used for running Linux VMs in Virtual Box. I'm currently trying to learn more about Kubernetes, and have been working my way through setting up a personal kube cluster and Kubernetes the hard way to better understand how all the pieces fit together.

Eventually I think it would be awesome to be able to setup a home-based proxy that automatically exposes my local dev machine to the internet on demand. This would work similar to tools like localtunnel and ngrok, but free and hosted on my own domain.

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Ben Halpern

No but I'd love to! I have so much paralysis by analysis in this space.

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Tommy Byrd

I'm having the same problem with what to do next, honestly. I'm starting to worry about the age of the hard drives in that old PC. It's all backed up, but there's the excitement of what to do when I have the blank slate of a new hard drive or (maybe) a new mini-PC to replace it with.

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Aaroh Mankad

I've always wanted a home lab, just never had the resources for it. I may have an extra laptop soon, would be interested in ideas for what to do with it!

We do have 3 hackerspaces at our college. If there's interest I could do a write-up about them! (One is more for CS majors, another is for Engineers, and the latest one is major-independent.)