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Phoenix Framework or Ruby on Rails

Recently, i read the article titled "7 reasons I switched back to PHP after 2 years on Rails" by Derek Sivers. He got good points but article is 13 years old. 😊

So, i asked about his view for today and he answered.
Derek Sivers answer

What you guys think about that? Did you try and move to Phoenix form Rails? Do you really think phoenix could be next big thing?

If you want to read the article here is the link:

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Ben Halpern

The Rails ecosystem is definitely battle tested and not going away, but Elixir/Phoenix is kind of a Rubyist's way of not dealing with any of the scalability downfalls of Ruby.

Ruby itself will deal somewhat with its own shortcomings year after year, and performance is supposed to be a big part of 3.0, but it will never be architected for certain usecases.

Kind of an inherent "it depends" kind of answer.

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Tuna Çağlar Gümüş

Thank you for your response Ben.

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Björn Grunde

Elixir and its web framework phoenix blow both PHP (and its frameworks) and ruby on rails out the window when it comes to scalability and performance.

Elixir is built on the Erlang VM and it was created to handle millions of users at once. Try and explore Elixir, it is quite a fantastic language.