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Software AG webMethods Service Designer 10.7 Release Announcement

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webMethods Service Designer 10.7 is available for download now from webMethods Service Designer Free download. The license expires on October 31, 2021.

Some of the key highlights of this release are:

  • Support for OpenAPI v3.0 provider

webMethods Service Designer provides support for an OpenAPI v3.0 based REST API descriptor. The REST descriptor can be developed using the OpenAPI-first approach. For OpenAPI, Integration Server supports authentication mechanisms such as OAuth, JWT, and Digest along with Basic. There is also support for media types with JSON/XML/multipart. The feature has support for complete OpenAPI defined extended JSON Schema. Support for servers, callbacks, and links provide more capability for users to define their APIs as per their business needs.

  • Support for HEAD HTTP method in REST resources

webMethods Service Designer in conjunction with Integration Server supports HTTP HEAD method while creating REST resources. Developers can send HEAD HTTP requests and they will be handled by the corresponding REST resource implementation.

  • Enhanced Support for Swagger-Based REST Consumer

webMethods Service Designer in conjunction with Integration Server provides enhanced support for the Swagger consumer. Developer can select one or more operations from operation list defined in the swagger descriptor and generates consumer operations for the selected operations only. This reduces the size and the complexity of the consumer code.

  • Enhanced support for graphical development of flat file schemas

webMethods Service Designer allows developers to define flat file schema using a graphical wizard. The new enhancements allow the developer to create a schema from a sample file that has multiple nested definitions. The new enhancements offer a better way to handle whitespaces and support different file formats.

  • Enhancement to Code Coverage Functionality

The code coverage functionality is now enhanced in Unit Test Framework to ensure that the validated information about mocked services is accurately depicted in the report.

  • Additional enhancements and bug fixes.

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