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The 11 Messages That Woke Me Up

Late Bloomer

The answers to so many of my issues from 18-31 were to execute on working hard and applying patience.

The work from 31-33 doubled the work done from that younger me.

I spent the last couple of years working late and getting up early to work on my craft.

Advice to my younger self

I wish I could have spoken to 18-year-old me, but I realize now that there is no way I could have gotten through to that guy. Failure and hitting rock bottom was the only way.

The pain of failure. I failed because I had no plan and I didn't work. I wanted the quick fix. I was not playing for the long term.

Wake Up!

I'm so glad for the messages and the people who woke me up. I'm thankful now for the pain that I went through.

Their 11 messages:

  1. Stop all the bull
  2. Successful people know that you're full of bull
  3. Work — really execute, pour it on
  4. You're playing more than the people who got where you wanna go.
  5. Work and apply patience
  6. Document your progress with your community
  7. Have a work-life balance, but work and stick with it
  8. See where you want to go and make goals
  9. Execute on the hard work
  10. Invest in your work ethic
  11. Every minute is laser-focused work on your goal

This is how I woke up.

May I never forget that lesson! May I always approach the work with this attitude in mind!

Can this post wake up someone reading this?

The messages are here. It's up to them to hear and wake up, too.

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Andrei Visoiu

Thanks for these insights! I'm 19 myself, and looking to start university this autumn, and I'll be sure to think about this messages. Happy to see that you improved your performances so much in such little time, from 31 to 33!

techieeliot profile image
Eliot Sanford • Edited

Thanks!!! All the best!

aesprii profile image

Better than coffee! :)

techieeliot profile image
Eliot Sanford

Haha! Yes, I love coffee [edits to add 12]... haha

nnguyenminh profile image

Thanks for sharing! I hope this article can wake others up :D

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Eliot Sanford

You're welcome. Let's hope so!!! That would be so great!