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Joseph Mania
Joseph Mania

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Mistakes I want to Overcome in my Software Engineering Journey in 2022

I am not a perfect programmer, but I can design software using the right software engineering techniques, from stage 1 to the last. The more you dig into this industry, the more familiar you become with new techniques.

Many people have ideas which they yearn to implement, but you will lose when you think like a developer in everything. There are many things involved before Google releases software to the market. So throughout my three-year journey, I am still learning more. I was blessed to join campus to take computer science, but that doesn’t guarantee a job😂. I made mistakes in these years, but I promise to rectify them in 2022.

Learning every technology

I thank myself that this year, I rectified this mistakes 😂😂. In my first year, very charming boy eager to learn and become a big title software engineer. I was doing everything, and I mean everything. Maybe that’s how I understood the term software engineer. From Monday to Saturday, I had a timetable, learning AI, ML, Android, web technologies, and all this was sucking. At the end of the year, I could not develop a complete model using these technologies.

Of course, they have helped me in one way; I can easily jump into a new field and become successful within a short period of time. Since 2021 started, I have focused on web development and am a happy man who can write clean JS and python codes.

Cramming my code

This is not a laughing matter. Everyone has done this, but it is never significant. Companies don’t look for people who can write code for the same thing. Or they don’t even want you to be as good at all the languages as most of you think. Organizations yearn for a person who has a strong basic foundation of programming, in that they can easily learn a new technology whenever the company suggests.

Please don’t cram multi-threading in c++; understand it. The same logic for algorithms and data structure is used in almost all languages; the only difference is the syntax. Understanding the ideal concepts will help you be fast in implementing useful functionality.

Bragging about the technology rather than providing a solution

Hear this for free; businesspeople and other non-technical individuals in the company don’t want to know what you will do it. Stop bragging about the technology you know, instead offer solutions to society. Yes, I know to react, SQL, Django, but how can they be used to create an optimized e-commerce platform? Is there a way I can optimize my SEO using the right technology?

As you are in the software development field, learn to train your mind on solving problems. Knowing a lot of technology will help you develop your favorite solution. It’s not a must you know everything, but using the three-four technologies you know, can lead to something great.

Listening to negative talks

This has affected a number of people who have left the journey they started. Before I knew how important tech was, someone said that coding wasn’t helpful and was outdated. That brought a lot of questions to my mind, provided I was studying computer science to get a well-paying job. I liked the software part, and so that sentence reduced my confidence.

But over time, I have learned to fight such spirits. I believe in what I do. For newbies, any technology you learn is being used somewhere; a person or company needs those skills. So keep working and never let other people’s words kill your dream.

Joining Mediocre Group

Wow! I could not forget this. If you want to grow, find a group of people. They will guide and share their mistakes with you. Last year, we made a group where we were to learn various technologies and create minor startups for freelancing😂😂. Two weeks, I realized how everyone was learning at their own pace; no one is willing to accept mistakes. I call it a mediocre group where you are no longer on the same page.

Runaway from this. Who told you online doesn’t have great teams. If you cannot find physical friends with whom you share the same goal, look for an online group. Twitter has great teams. Also, learning alone can help you achieve great things, don’t underestimate your knowledge. But, a team, will make you go far, don’t forget this.

Important Bonus

Don’t forget! Don’t forget! Push your code on GitHub. However small the project is, it’s important. They create new friends on linked in. DM those connections from major companies and ask them about their culture. This is to make connections with people in your field.

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