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Discussion on: I rebuilt my portfolio🌻 Now it loads in 1.6s 🎉 Here's how I did

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Tech Nomad

Hey, thanx for the star on Github :D
"So can I use any WordPress plugin and it will work with the theme?"
Yes, the theme works POTENTIALLY with any plugin. But it only provides the basic concept. You have to build everything you need on your own. But Yoast SEO for example works out of the box. Also any plugin which relies on wp_head() and wp_footer().

The problem with single page apps was primarily the SEO. And that problem does the theme solve without server side rendering (Nuxt.js) which brings some disadvantages (separated node.js server; you can't use the window object).

So you will still have to implement all the features like comments, forms etc yourself. And it's really hard work. I'm working for almost half a year full time on a commercial version of this theme which will include or does already include Polylang / WPML, Elementor, WooCommerce, Categories, advanced ajax comments, Subcategories, advanced Ajax Search, Vue Form Builder, Advanced Vue Mailchimp Plugin, Theme-Options powered by Vue.js as well. But it's still far from being released. I'll hopefully will publish next week a first MVP version, which is already really, really cool, but I will offer it only together with individual customisation starting at 1500€. But next year I hope to make it available as downloads at lower prices.