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How To Get Current User Location In Laravel

In this tutorial we will show you how to get current user location in laravel using stevebauman/location, Some times we have required to find current user location for many purpose. Also show you how to track user IP address and you can find user location information from IP address.

So, here I am using stevebauman/location laravel package, Using this package you can get many information of utilizer like IP address, Country Name, Country Code, Postal Code, Zip Code, Region Denomination, State Name, Country Denomination, Longitude, Latitude, ISO Code, etc.

So, let's start and follow below step one by one

Step 1 : Install Laravel

Step 2 : Install stevebauman/location Package In Your Application

Step 3 : Add Service Provider And Aliase

Step 4 : Create Controller

Step 5 : Add Route

Step 6 : Create Blade File

So, finally we are done with our code we can get below output.

How To Get Current User Location In Laravel

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