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re: I know this wasn't supposed to be my takeaway from this, but I have a question. The company "splurges" on the good beer, and you get a canned coc...

There's a lot of really great smaller brand sodas out there. If you happen to be in Los Angeles there's a place called Galco's Soda Pop Stop that's absolutely chock full of them, and in some other cities there's a store called Rocket Fizz with a more limited, but still better than mass market soda selection.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of O So's butterscotch rootbeer, and Soda Boy's strawberry cream. There are some rose sodas that are pretty good as well, and a bunch of neat Ramune flavors that come in a glass bottle sealed with a marble you pop out of the top.

I ordered a box of sodas from Galco's to the office once and used them as prizes for a silly little code review contest. I think it went over pretty well


Not quite in LA, though it looks like my area has a shop that sells regional pops from around the country. I'll have to make a trip out there to give it a shot!

Apparently, Red Ribbon pop is a Pennsylvania brand, too. I had assumed it was a chain thing and never tried it.


Is Galco's the place that Tom Scott did a video on once? If so, my dream is to make a pilgrimage there with a U-Haul truck. :P So many fancy, cool things to try!

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