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How to take care of your health being a developer....

As a software developer being always in front of screens, straining your eyes, sitting in one position managing all the tasks stressing a lot, all these can really impact our health but wait.... we can manage to take care of it simply following some basic things. what are these it goes

  1. Hydrate enough

    have a bottle filled with water beside you or on your table. Trust me it helps a lot it will act as a cue and you will eventually develope a habit of drinking water regularly or take a break have a sip it won't give you wings but a boost for sure.

  2. Blue light filters and Computer Glasses.

    you can avoid being myopic or having a problem with shortsightedness by using blue light filters on your screens that gives a soothing experience to your eyes. check out blue light filter extensions and use them next time. special computer glasses usually they are called as blue cut glasses one can wear to protect eyes.

  3. No Screen breaks.

    avoid using your phone to get relaxed and shifting from one screen to another straining your eyes harder just for that short dopamine. instead move your body have a short stretching, call your friend, go outside see things that are far from you because your eyes strain a lot when you are seeing object nearby to make them feel good to try these technics you will feel refreshed if you can't go out just stare something which is 10 to 20 fit apart

  4. Eye exercises and Eyecare

    simply washing your eyes with water frequently can be a saviour wash your eyes and rotate them clockwise anticlockwise, left-right yon the corners, close-open frequently and feel the difference. one can go for eye drops recommended by doctors to avoid dryness.

  5. Stay Active

    take breaks and stretch your body don't just sit idle run, walk, jump. working out at least 3 days a week changes brain functioning, fasten up oxygen circulations you will feel more active and fresh eventually you will get all the benefits. choose one hobby to keep yourself active be it sports, cycling, tracking, running etc.

  6. Take weekly breaks

    in the end, we are all human being and we need a break so don't stress much take a break go somewhere, interact with people have some life spend time with your friends and family and when you come back you feel like working more your efficiency will be higher. Don't get burnt out its a marathon not a one day sprint.

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