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re: Explain how to become an active open source contributor like I'm Five VIEW POST


Hello, I've been part of open source projects for 4 years now, and I thought I could give you some tips:

First of all I suggest you to read about the open source way of thinking. Of course the coding part is the main part, but understanding the ideology will probably give you new perspectives and ideas.

Second, GITHUB!! Github is full of open projects waiting for help, and is easy to use in both linux and windows... I suggest you to use linux tho.

Third, look for open source events in your city. They might gather around your place once or twice a month and organize stuff. At university they might know more about it... If not you can take a look at meetup or similar. Collaborate with open source projects can be done online, but going to these kind of meetings help knowing more about projects and even contribute to your community.

Good luck with it!

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