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re: Data trading based companies know a lot about us, but we don’t really have their transparency back², which causes an uncomfortable distrust, accept...

That's an interesting point, the choice. We strongly depend on those services when there are tons of alternatives, but most of them need other users to make sense (for example social networks)... What would you think about government law getting in between companies and users for fairer data use? (such as GDPR in Europe but... better implemented, honestly). Also, about the point of not trusting corporations, I agree. There isn't an easy path to take in this case, in our current system, though.


The latest attempt at a privacy centered internet by Tim Berners Lee is interesting. I've not followed it closely since its launch but my understanding is that basically you keep all your data in a personal "vault" and you grant or revoque access to the data to various services according to your choices.

Regarding laws and regulation, there is only so much "common sense" that a given community can share and enforce. The bigger the community the further from the members will decisions be made. Just as for corporations, being a public institution is not a guaranty, in the current "for profit" economic system, that decisions will be fair and unbiased.

In all honesty I don't think "for (material) profit" entities are a social good. The less space we give them the better society (and governing institutions) will be.

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