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Discussion on: Hello! I've been running developer events and building communities since 2012. Bring it on and #AMA !! <3

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Tessa Mero Ask Me Anything

Hello Baskarrao! Thanks for these questions.

Question: What is your preference between In-Person Meetups and Online Meetups?

I prefer In-Person meetups as I love the human interactions and meeting new people, expanding my professional network, and sometimes personal network. There's always so much more you can learn and gain from being around others, whether you interact with them or not. With online meetups, a majority of them there were more technical issues, but sometimes they go over well. Engaging with the audience doesn't feel authentic as it's just words exchanging with words. There's something so different with being face-to-face with other developers. On the contrary, I do like online meetups so I don't have to leave my house. So it's a bit of a toss up there!

Question: Have you faced a situation where you are prepared for the meetup, speakers arrive to venue and you have arranged food based on RSVP to find out only 10% attend your in-person event from RSVP?

This has happened quite a few times. Once at a conference, I donated all of the leftover dinner to the Gospel Mission Center that was right around the corner. I always make the best of every situation. The leftover catering or food from meetups, I donate to a homeless youth kitchen that I contribute too often. I know their kitchen is always lacking, and I'll go fill up their kitchen with my leftover catering. ( to be exact). I know if sponsors ask about it, I have to be honest, and if they know it's going somewhere good, everyone wins in this situation.

For presenters, they are happy if anyone shows up to listen to them. The audience size shouldn't matter. Sometimes I will get more value and engagement with a smaller audience over a larger one.

Question: How do you make your community to provide feedback on your events?

Occasionally I will send an email to everyone subscribed to meetup announcements asking their feedback on an idea. Example I've sent out:

"What do you think if I set up a quarterly hacking day where we get together and write code together or work on a project/learn something new?" Then I collect their feedback/suggestions/concerns, etc. This helps me determine what direction to take with the community.

As for conferences, it's good to send out a survey to get feedback afterwards. I don't always do it, but when I do, it has been very useful. :)

Hope this helps. If you have more questions, throw it my way. I'm always happy to help the community.

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Baskarrao Dandlamudi

Thank you for the answering my questions Tessa.

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Tessa Mero Ask Me Anything

You are welcome!