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Discussion on: Hello! I've been running developer events and building communities since 2012. Bring it on and #AMA !! <3

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Tessa Mero Ask Me Anything

Hi Carimu,

I have recently only learned to delegate as this is not something I've considered a lot since I have the "I CAN DO EVERYTHING ON MY OWN" mindset.

I recently appointed someone to take over my PHP group, I'm doing great at finding other organizers to run the JAMstack meetup for me. I'm going to work on finding someone to help run the Vue.js meetup.

Sometimes it's as simple as kindly asking an active member of your group if they'd be interested in hosting an upcoming meetup. You'd be surprised who'd be interested in stepping up and wanting to take charge. Hard to see this without giving people these opportunities.

You can also send an email to the whole group asking who'd be interested in hosting a future meetup, but be clear on the wording because half the time I ask, people think I'm asking about "hosting" as in a venue to use. :)