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Collab: Angular Based Open Source CMS?

th3n00bc0d3r profile image Muhammad ・1 min read

When I was in the times of PHP, there was Wordpress, Joomla, Magento and Frameworks like SlimPHP, Laravel and much more but what about Angular/Node.

Whats in my mind?

  1. Easy Themes
  2. Easy Plugins
  3. Serverless Deployment
  4. One Click Install

I did find some CMS like butterCMS for angular and stuff, but it all just seems a great oppurtunity, if some people can collaborate and perhaps create a new world within this world.

Lets see how everybody reacts.

I think getting together would be a big start in making things possible.


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I’ve been hatching the same idea for a couple of years. I think the other day to start a prototype implementation of cms.


I think one just need a set of people who can keep everyone motivated to get it up and going....


Do you see this being like Ghost ore more like WordPress? By that I mean, is it a CMS focused on writing or a CMS that can power anything?


I think we have some really good case studies in the past in PHP, based on that, perhaps we can start it as a content system have it evolved into a CMS that can power anything through the help of a plugin system. Its an opinion, but eventually it is coming to the point where now people do need this.