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Thales Bruno
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Curated list: Math on YouTube

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Hello everyone!

This post is just to share with you some incredible playlists I have found on YouTube with priceless content about Statistics, Probability, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Machine Learning, and so on. These videos are helping me a lot to remember and to improve the mathematical concepts behind the Data Science universe.

Statistics Fundamentals - StatQuest with Josh Starmer

Introduction to Probability - Brandon Foltz

Linear Regression and Linear Models - StatQuest with Josh Starmer

Simple Linear Regression - Brandon Foltz

Logistic Regression - StatQuest with Josh Starmer

Machine Learning - StatQuest with Josh Starmer

Essence of Linear Algebra - 3Blue1Brown

Essence of Calculus - 3Blue1Brown

Diferencial Equations - 3Blue1Brown

Neural Networks - 3Blue1Brown

STATS 101 - All playlists of Brandon Foltz

Video Index - Video Index of StatQuest with Josh Starmer

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Andrew Baisden

Thanks for sharing I don't think the average programmer really looks into maths that much after leaving school this is quite useful.

thalesbruno profile image
Thales Bruno

Anytime! And yes, I think you're right. I even didn't look into maths for a long time...

shaijut profile image
Shaiju T • Edited

What are the basic math skills required to learn Machine learning / AI ?

thalesbruno profile image
Thales Bruno

I would say that is basic algebra (linear equations), linear algebra (vectors and matrices), statistics (mean, median, standard deviation, ability to read charts like histograms), probability, and concepts of derivative...

hunterjsbit profile image
Son Goku

Thank you for sharing, didn't know about
3Blue1Brown chanel awesome content

thalesbruno profile image
Thales Bruno

Yep, his videos are impressive!