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Follow These Instructions and I guarantee you that You will get a high-paying job in 2019-20

Ibrahim Shahid Memon on October 17, 2019

online presence If you are using http://Twitter.You are getting latest updates and in common life you cannot talk to big names of dev co... [Read Full]
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I'd add to that, an up to date LinkedIn profile. Not only will you get InMails about potential jobs but it gives you a well-rounded online presence.

My online presence stack is:

  • Github
  • Portfolio website
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Codepen

I've been using that stack since 2015.

I plan to build up my profile too :)


With a title like that, I was expecting many affiliate links in this article!


This is how I got into Dyson. Searched for Head of IT on linked in.

Hi, do you have any jobs?

Head of it: "yes, want an interview?"

Yes please.

Do I have a portfolio? Nope.

Interviewed by 3 fantastic developers, took a risk and here I am 2 years later mentoring juniors.


Be active on Stack Overflow and link to that as well. You can also have a "careers" profile there which recruiters use to find talent.

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