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Ibrahim Shahid Memon
Ibrahim Shahid Memon

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Follow These Instructions and I guarantee you that You will get a high-paying job in 2019-20

online presence

If you are using http://Twitter.You are getting latest updates and in common life you cannot talk to big names of dev community but with Twitter you can easily connect to big names like Chris courier,Sara Souiden.Other than 75% of companies post jobs on Twitter.There is a very large community working an Twitter called #100daysofcode.This hashtag helps junior web developers to debug their code and share their journey.

Your portfolio is minimal and easy to use. A contact form on your portfolio is a must have,it is the most easy way to connect to developer. Place a headshot picture on the portfolio.Your portfolio at least three projects of your own(No template).If these things are available in your portfolio*then no one can stop you to get job*Try to contribute to open source project and maintain your Github profile. Your code must be clean and readable. Try to use comment most of time and descriptive commits. 60% of recruiters give job to people by seeing their code on Github.

Another.Tip:Use personal domains like .com or .dev don,t use long domains or sub-domain like .


You are using dev rightnow because dev is best posting or reading community. You can post article by this you can easily reach thousand of people. Start blogging right now. It can really get you a job.

You email must be simple. Never use any number in your email. Your email name will be professional if your portfolio domain is same as your email. If your name is it available you can simple adjectives like."Simple"or"Just"before your name.

This is my ordinary post if you want to read my other ordinary posts like this you can read then here:

My name is Ibrahim shahid memon. I am a front-end web developer.I am following all of this instructions personally

I am kind a active an Twitter:

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Adam Crockett • Edited

This is how I got into Dyson. Searched for Head of IT on linked in.

Hi, do you have any jobs?

Head of it: "yes, want an interview?"

Yes please.

Do I have a portfolio? Nope.

Interviewed by 3 fantastic developers, took a risk and here I am 2 years later mentoring juniors.

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Adam Crockett

Is this a money back guarantee?

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Twitter.You is a link that doesn't work for me

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Danny Pule

I'd add to that, an up to date LinkedIn profile. Not only will you get InMails about potential jobs but it gives you a well-rounded online presence.

My online presence stack is:

  • Github
  • Portfolio website
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Codepen

I've been using that stack since 2015.

I plan to build up my profile too :)

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Be active on Stack Overflow and link to that as well. You can also have a "careers" profile there which recruiters use to find talent.