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I’m sorry you’re getting this kind of negativity Victoria for, what I thought, was a very inspiring post.

Unfortunately there are going to be people who insist on reminding us that we are less than because of the route we chose to go in life. I want to hope that group of people is a small minority. I don’t need someone tellIng me that what I’ve done is not an accomplishment because they did more. What a horrible thing to say to someone.

The post is inspiring and very well written. Don't let the negativity take that away. What we've accomplished is that, an accomplishment.

I'm choosing to also hope that this is the view of the minority. More and more companies are starting to integrate apprenticeship programs for those with non-traditional backgrounds. If companies are investing time and money to create programs for people like us there is obviously room for us here, as well as people supporting us and rooting for our success.

I don't think I'm putting people down, but I do think people should understand where they are on the ladder of ability. I know many excellent self taught people. My personal mentor is self taught. However, I, don't want self taught people to pat themselves on the back too early., I believe everyone is celebrating that they can walk when there is a lot of running to do.

If I discouraged you then please don't feel discouraged. However, definitely ignore this article.

If you think about it though, we celebrate babies when they first crawl. Then we celebrate again when they take their first step. We celebrate when a child first learns to ride a bike without training wheels. We celebrate graduating high school and college.

To me, it's not really appropriate to judge and call out people on the things they choose to celebrate. We have no idea what someone has struggled with in the past. We have no idea how many road bumps that person had to move past to accomplish what they did.

I think that if we don't celebrate the small steps in life, life would be quite dull. That's my opinion though, it doesn't have to be yours. I choose to celebrate the small steps I take in life because I like focusing on progress and positivity. After celebrating, I move on to learning more. It's all part of the process of climbing that "ladder of ability". 😊

p.s. Thank you for having a civil/healthy conversation with me! I do really appreciate it.

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