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Discussion on: The M1 Mac - Is it worth it for devs?

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I mean, yea it sounds like a sudden, unexpected dick move but you have to factor in that intel majorly disappointed Apple. I don't think they would've spent all this time and money to make an ARM chip if there was already something else available on the market. The thing is, Intel promised Apple (and the rest of the world) 10 nm by ~2015. However, intel endlessly delayed this 10 nm launch, so much so to the point where their next MacBook would eventually come in with AWFUL thermals and a thin design... a thin design wrapped around this 10 nm design that never actually came. A design that was promised to them by Intel. Next came Apple making a statement on Intel's binning quality, saying that it was "unusually bad". Obviously, Apple's trust in Intel was rapidly diminishing by then and I think by now, we all know what Apple started to scheme. Their own chip designs to stray away from Intel. This must've been well in the works before AMD came up with their OWN thing in 2019 which blew everyone and everything out of the water, but even then the M1 chip outperformed the AMD chips (upon release, at least, I can't speak for in-development phase) so I think Apple would've just liked to stick with their current plan instead of scrapping M1 altogether and moving to AMD, especially considering they have likely, by that point, invested a lot in software costs and logistical costs as well as they prepared to integrate M1 into their pipelines AND they had added performance on top of that. And to top it all off, it would integrate PERFECTLY with their ecosystem where you have iPad and iPhone apps that can run on your MacBook, knitting tighter an already tight-knit ecosystem. I don't think Apple would've been content investing this much into their said "ecosystem" had it not been for Intel essentially ruining everything and f***ing over Apple's 2017 MacBook.

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Félix Paradis

That was an interesting read!
But my ethical concerns with Apple are mostly not about the M1 chip but other things like

  • Planned obsolescence
  • Zero open source contributions ever (unless I missed something?)
  • Bits of bloatware in the OS I don't want but they make it hard to uninstall
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Pavel Gurkov

Right, make your choices and don’t pay for what you don’t want! :)