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Discussion on: Where do I start with writing a web page nowadays?

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Try WebFlow.

All of the HTML and CSS is abstracted away behind a visual editor. They also allow access to external data through API calls.

As far as tutorials, the creator took the time to record over 70 videos, each ranging from 3 to 7 minutes in length. There's literally no excuse not to understand the software. I've been through it all myself and I can vouch for his teaching style: concise, complete, and even hilarious at times.

I'd use it more if I could afford the monthly fee (around $25/mnth). It's the perfect middle ground between coding and designing.

Give it a shot!

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Robin Moffatt Author

Thanks for this. It sounds like a hosted solution though? I need something that I can also run entirely locally and from Docker, cos I'll be using it in demos etc.

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Ryan Gails

Webflow looks awesome!