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Blogging in other languages at Should I create a different account?

I am originally from a Portuguese speaking country, Brazil, and I have plans to start blogging also in Portuguese as there's a "lack" of technical articles in the language and unfortunately there's also a lack of English skills among the Brazilian population where 5% only of the population are able to speak/read English according to the statistics.

I would really like to help people getting started with technology and development there, I don't live in Brazil anymore for many years but when I was there I participated of groups to teach students Programming and I really loved it and I also used to blog in Portuguese in another platform. But now that I know I want o keep blogging here I really like the community and the platform that is being built here.

Any recommendations, opinions? What are the good practices? Should I have a different account for blogging in a different language? I feel like yes but I've seen some people doing differently and using the same account.

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Marcos Maia Author • Edited

Looks like there are not many people with interest in blogging in multiple languages around. I decided to go for 2 different accounts so I don't annoy any followers with content in a language they can't understand. Will share my learnings and considerations here if any in the future.

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Glaucia Lemos

Eu crio artigos aqui tanto em português tanto em espanhol e usando a mesma conta

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Marcos Maia Author

Oi Glaucia, obrigado pelo feedback. Entendo, eu vi seus posts, interessante approach.

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Camilo Martinez • Edited

I'm also would like to write my post in english and spanish. Actually is there a issue discussion about. But i didn't see to much progress.

An alternative, without creating another user. It's create an organization and publish the post in portuguese there.

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Silvia España Gil

Marcos, I would love to now what did you decide. I'm from Spain and definetly thought the same as you...should I post in Spanish, English, both?