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Oh wow! Helping document Ruby is amazing.

I was reading your short bio and realized we have a lot in common.

I started working as a developer, then I went to school to get a Math teaching degree, then a specialization in English teaching, then a specialization in computer science.

I never worked as a teacher. I've always been a dev.

But it's amazing and inspiring to see somebody who walked the same path I did, only in a different direction.

Thank you for helping document Ruby. I sometimes wish there was a better source on comparing time and complexity between ruby classes and methods. Like a chart.

But since the documentation isn't always clear, I find it a bit hard to look them up because I'd have to read their implementation every time.

I've circumvented that limitation by defaulting to writing a few benchmarks whenever I encounter such problems. But I definitely wish the documentation was more elusive to how fast the method is at scale.

Thank you for helping document Ruby! ❤️


Thanks, James. It's good to hear from you.


So you missed your chance to grade 10,000 essays?

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